Electrochemical Synthesis & Studies of Conducting Poly Quinoline

T. Kunju k. kumar, G.A. Munaff, Shua´ a Omer, Rajni and K. Zutshi*

Electro-Organic Synthetic Lab Chemistry Department, University of Rajasthan Jaipur-302 004, India


The electrochemical polymerization of quinoline has been studied in acetonitrile medium using tetra-n-butyl ammonium perchlorate (TBAPC), tetraethylammonium perchlorate (TEAPC), tetraethylammonium fluoroborate (TEAFB) electrolytes. The polymer produced showed conductivity in the range of 10–6 to 10–1 Ω–1 cm–1 using the four probe technique. Polyquinoline was obtained in moderate yields with the highest Rp of 5.1354% per hr and polymerization efficiency of 51.698 mol/Faraday. The observations and experimental results suggested a free radical mechanism.


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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  1991 /
  •  3(4) /
  •  pp 367-372