Triphenyltelluronium Halo (mixed) Titanates(IV)

K.K. Verma*, Anita Saini and O.P. Agrawal

Department of Chemistry, M.D. University, Rohtak-124 001, India


The paper reports the synthesis and properties of triphenyltelluronium halo (mixed) titanates (IV)º. 1 : 1. Ph3TeX.TiX´4 and 2 : 1, 2Ph3TeX.TiX´4 (where X,X´═Cl, Br, I) type products are obtained by reactions of Ph3TeX with TiX´4. Conductivity, molecular weight determinations and 1H nmr are consistent with their dissociation in dilute solution as Ph3Te+ and TiX´4X or Ph3Te+ and TiX´4X22– units. The absence of Te–Ti and Te–X vibrations in the far i.r. spectra of these compounds reflects the transfer of halogen atom from Ph3 TeX to TiX´4 thus resulting in the formation of halo (mixed) titanate (IV) ions.


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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  1991 /
  •  3(1) /
  •  pp 70-77