A Highly Efficient, Catalyst-Free Synthesis of S-Alkyl/aryl Dithiocarbamate Derivatives under Green Conditions and Evaluation of their Biological Activity

Nilesh V. Junghare1,*,, Pravin M. Kadam2,, Jotiram K. Chavan1,, Minakshi V. Patil1, and Gurunath G. Chougale1,

1Department of Chemistry, Shri Yashwantrao Patil Science College, Solankur, Radhanagari, Kolhapur-416212, India

2Department of Chemistry, Khare Dhere Bhosale College, Guhagar, Ratnagiri-415703, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail: nilesh19899@gmail.com


An efficient, feasible, transition metal catalyst-free and environmental friendly approach for the synthesis of dithiocarbamate in an ethanol-water solvent combination at room temperature has been established. Alkyl/aryl halide, carbon disulfide and secondary amine were condensed in one pot to produce a range of dithiocarbamate derivatives. Based on the results, the yields were higher when aliphatic amine reacted with benzyl halides as compared to alkyl halides. This method has the advantage of using no hazardous solvents. Other benefits of this method include producing compounds with a good yield by a catalyst-free reaction employing a simple, affordable and useful method. When tested against specific pathogens, selected dithiocarbamate derivatives showed strong antibacterial activity but weak antifungal activity.


Green synthesis, Dithiocarbamate, Ethanol-water medium, Biological activity, Catalyst-free synthesis.

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