Antioxidant and Catalytic Activity of Biosynthesized NiO Nanoparticles using Terminalia chebula Fruit Extract

Md. Moulana Kareem1, and G. Vijaya Lakshmi2,*

1Department of Chemistry, M.V.S. Government Degree College (A), Mahabubnagar-509001, India

2Department of Chemistry, Osmania University College for Women, Hyderabad-500095, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


Nowadays, the biological synthesis of nanoparticles attains researchers’ interest in removing hazardous pollutants from water. Due to eco-friendliness, cost effective, non-hazardous and avoids the usage of catalyst and stabilizing agents. Herein, biosynthesized NiO nanoparticles were prepared at the ambient conditions by using aqueous Terminalia chebula fruit extract. Terminalia chebula fruit extract contains polyphenolic compounds, terpenoids, carbohydrates and flavonoids, which can be responsible for the nucleation of metal nanoparticles in biological synthesis. The resulted biosynthesized NiO nanoparticles was characterized via UV, FTIR, zeta potential, XRD, EDX, SEM and TEM. The UV and XRD analysis confirmed the formation and cubic crystalline nature of biosynthesized NiO nanoparticles, receptively. FTIR, EDX and zeta potential confirmed the functional groups, elemental composition and surface charge. The phytochemicals present in Terminalia chebula were responsible for the reduction and stabilization of biosynthesized NiO nanoparticles. The average size of biosynthesized NiO was found to be 14.08 nm and spherical in shape with TEM. In addition, antioxidant and catalytic activities performance of the NiO nanoparticles were also investigated. Biosynthesized NiO nanoparticles showed antioxidant and catalytic activity against DPPH and Congo red dye, overall, the experimental results suggested that the NiO nanoparticle could be helpful for the industrial applications.


Terminalia chebula, Nickel oxide nanoparticles, Antioxidant, Biosynthesized, Photochemicals.

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