Catalytic Efficacy of 2,2′-Bipyridine Cobalt(II) Complex: Hydrothermal Synthesis, X-Ray Structure and Aerobic Epoxidation of Alkenes

Rajesh Bera

Department of Chemistry, Dinabandhu Andrews College, Garia, Kolkata-700084, India

Corresponding author: E-mail:


A mononuclear cobalt(II) complex, [Co(bpy)2(NO3)](NO3)·3H2O (1) (bpy = 2,2′-bipyridine) has been synthesized hydrothermally and the crystal structure was characterized by X-ray crystallography. Complex 1 is capable of activating aerobic oxygen at atmospheric pressure. [Co(bpy)2(NO3)](NO3)·3H2O (1) was used as an active catalyst for the aerobic epoxidaion of various alkenes with isobutyraldehyde as co-reductant in acetonitrile medium. Complex 1 catalyzes the epoxidaion reaction efficiently, which reflected in high yield of products with desired selectivity.


Cobalt(II), 2,2′-Bipyridine, Hydrothermal synthesis, X-ray crystallography, Epoxidation, Alkene.

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