Synthesis and Characterization of [(PbX2)2.L1] and [(PbX2)2.(MCl2).L1] Compounds with Macrocyclic Ligand

Abhishek Kumar*, Shishir Malviya, Rajeev Lohia, Toyaj Shukla and Shekhar Srivastava

Department of Chemistry, University of Allahabad, Allahabad-211 002, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


We have synthesized different types of macrocyclic compounds [(PbX2)2.L1] and [(PbX2)2.(MCl2).L1] with macrocyclic ligand (L1) i.e. 36,9,12,20,23,26,29,35,36- decaazatricyclo] hexatriaconta-1(34), 14,16,18(36) 31(35), 32-haxaene-2,13,19,30-tetraone ligand, where MCl2 = CuCl2 or CoCl2 or MnCl2 or NiCl2 or ZnCl2. The all synthesized complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance, IR and X-ray photoelectron spectra (XPS) data.


Binuclear and Macrocyclic complexes, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, Heavy metals.

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