Optimization of Extraction Process and Simultaneous Determination of Flurbiprofen and Methyl Salicylate in Marketed Topical Gel Formulation by Vierodt’s Method

Shivani Sawant, Karishma Naik and P.N. Sanjay Pai*

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis, Goa College of Pharmacy, Panaji-403 001, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail: pnsanjaypai@gmail.com


Flurbiprofen (FLB) and methyl salicylate (MS), the actives in a commercial topical gel formulation were extracted for their simultaneous estimation. The extraction system was optimized, validated for elimination of interferences associated with matrix materials used in the formulation and also compensate for possible interference of one drug by the other during analysis. An efficient extraction procedure was developed for the separation of flurbiprofen and methyl salicylate from the marketed formulation Brugel and analyzed for the content with a new validated vierodt’s simultaneous equation method. Detection wavelengths of 248 and 304 nm were used for recording the absorbance as they represent the absorption maxima of flurbiprofen and methyl salicylate respectively. Simultaneous equations were designed to estimate the unknown concentration of both the components in the marketed formulation. Linearity was calculated using standard stock solution of methyl salicylate and flurbiprofen in the concentration range of 5-30 μg/mL. The developed method was found to be specific, precise, accurate and can be used for routine analysis of flurbiprofen and methyl salicylate in marketed gel formulations.


Flurbiprofen, Methyl salicylate, Gel, Extraction, Simultaneous equation

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