Kinetic Study for Reduction of Organic Dye using Graphene Oxide Supported Ru-Ag Nanoparticles Catalyst

Perumal Andal*, S. Tamijselvy and P. Indrapriyatharesini

Department of Chemistry, School of Basic Sciences, Vels University, Pallavarm, Chennai-600 117, India

*Corresponding author: E-mail:


The kinetic effect of organic pollutants present in water such as commercial dyes, namely malachite green, rhodamine B, were studied. The kinetic effects of reduction of initial dye concentration using Ru-Ag NPs and substrate were determined. From the Kobs results, the order of rate constant of Ag, Ru and Ru-Ag NPs were studied under pseudo-first order reaction condition. The apparent rate constant for the reduction of rhodamine B and malachite green by using Ru-Ag NPs catalyst, kobs was initiated to be higher than other mono metallic nanoparticles catalyst. The reason for increased kobs noticed in Ru-Ag NPs may be attributed due to the size distribution of the Ru-Ag NPs catalyst which is found to be relatively smaller, viz. 10 nm than another catalyst. The result used for calculating the pseudo first order of miscellaneous dye-containing wastewaters. It was also found that the decolourization of the dyes undergoes a fast reaction than the mineralization.


Graphene oxide, Malachite green, Rhodamine B, Ru-Ag nanoparticles, Kinetic studies, Reduction.

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