Isentropic Compressibilitiesof Binary Mixtures of1-Bromobutane with Propan-2-ol, Butan-2-ol and3-Methyl butan-1-o1

K. Rambabu, P. Venkateswarlu* and G.K. Raman

Chemical Laboratories, College of Engineering Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati-517 502, India


Ultrasonic sound velocities and densities in binary mixtures of 1-bromobutane with propan-2-ol, butan-2-ol, and 3 methyl butan-1-ol, have been experimentally determined at 303.15 K. Isentropic compressibilities (Ks) and deviation in isentropic compressibilities (ΔKs) have been computed from the experimentally determined densities and velocity of sound. The results show that ΔKs is almost positive over volume fraction range studied in the system. The experimental results are explained in terms of depolymerisation of hydrogen bonded alcohol aggregates, decrease in dipolar association and weak hydrogen bonding interation of the type Br...H—O between unlike molecules.


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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  1990 /
  •  2(2) /
  •  pp 150-154