Determination of Arsenic with Overlap Peaks in Neutron Activation Analysis by Event-Event Coincidence Technique

Truong Van Minh1, Nguyen Xuan Hai2,*, Nguyen Ngoc Anh2, Pham Dinh Khang2 and Ho Huu Thang2

1Department of Natural Sciences, Dong Nai University, Dong Nai, Vietnam

2Dalat Nuclear Research Institute, Dalat, Vietnam

*Corresponding author: Tel: +84 0919 979 673; E-mail:;


The high compton background and peak overlap restrict the applicability of instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA). The coincidence technique can greatly reduce these problems. Some previous results have proved the ability of event-event coincidence method for determination of elements with overlap peaks in complex matrix sample. In this work, we analyzed arsenic in geological sample to evaluate advantages of the coincidence technique in instrumental neutron activation analysis. An innovation in data analysis process, which helps to reduce the measurement time and to improve the detection limit is also presented.


Event-event coincidence, Neutron activation analysis, Detection limits.

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