Utilizing Fe(III)/(II)-EDTA Couple for Estimation of Transition Metal Ion Mixture Over Platinum Electrode

Masood Ahmad Rizvi1,*, Norio Teshima2 and Ghulam Mustafa Peerzada1

1Department of Chemistry, University of Kashmir, Hazratbal Srinagar-190 006, India

2Department of Applied Chemistry, Aichi Institute of Technology, Toyota 470-0392, Japan

*Corresponding author: E-mail: masood_ku2@yahoo.com


The work describes an indirect estimation of some transition metal ions and their binary mixture over platinum electrode by generating Fe(III)/(II)-EDTA redox couple in solution. This approach offers easy estimation and can allow replacement of costly and delicate ion selective electrodes with simple platinum electrode within the limits of concentration and tolerable margin of error.


Platinum electrode, Iron(III)-iron(II), EDTA, Redox couple.

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