Gadolinium Complex of Schiff Base as Efficient Suppression Ratio for Hydroxyl Radical

Wu Wen1,2,*, Xuan Yawen1,*, Jianglong Yin1 and Zhihang Wang1

1Department of Chemistry, Zhou Kou Normal University, Henan 466001, P.R. China

2Key Laboratory of Rare Earth Materials and Applications, Zhou Kou Normal University, Henan 466001, P.R. China

*Corresponding authors: Tel./Fax: +86 39 48178253; E-mail:


This paper described the synthesis and characterization of a novel gadolinium complex of Schiff base derived from o-vanillin and o-phenylenediamine, which were characterized by elemental analysis, the infrared spectroscopy (IR) and UV-VIS spectroscopy, fluorescence spectrometer, antioxidative activity. The UV-visible spectroscopy showed that the ligand has two intense absorption bands appeared at 219 and 272 nm which were attributed to n-p* or p-p* transition of conjugation system. Fluorescence spectrometer analysis showed that the Schiff base ligand exhibits strong fluorescence emission with the peak maximum at 598 nm in comparison to the complex. The complex has the maximum excitation at 466 and 526 nm, respectively. The antioxidative activity data show that the ligand and complex can not only scavenge OH, but also increases with increasing complex concentration which their inhibition rates were up to 50.55 and 39.22 %.


Gadolinium complex, Fluorescence, UV-VIS spectroscopy.

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