A Mild and Efficient Method for Synthesis of b-Enaminones using Melamine-Formaldehyde Resin Supported H+ Under Solvent Free Conditions

Ramin Rezaei* and Mozhdeh Shakeri

Department of Chemistry, Firoozabad Branch, Islamic Azad University, P.O. Box 74715-117 Firoozabad, Iran

*Corresponding author: Fax: +98 712 6224402; Tel: +98 917 3138690; E-mail: rezaieramin@yahoo.com


A green and efficient practical approach is developed for the synthesis of b-enaminones using melamine-formaldehyde resin supported H+ (MFRH) as a mild and inexpensive catalyst in solvent-free media. The present method was performed by combining low cost and readily available amines, 1,3-dicarbonyls and melamine-formaldehyde resin supported H+ (MFRH) as a catalyst. This method is applicable to both cyclic and acyclic ketones with aromatic and aliphatic amines, and provides several advantages such as environmental friendliness, low cost, good yields and simple workup procedure.



-Enaminones, Amines, 1,3-Dicarbonyls, Melamin formaldehyde, Solvent-free.

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