Water Safety Assessment of Drinking Water of Hanjiang River in Wuhan City, China

Bai-Shan Li1, Pei-Jiang Zhou1,* and Xi-Yuan Wang2

1School of Resource and Environmental Science, Hubei Biomass-Resource Chemistry and Environmental Biotechnology Key Laboratory, Wuhan University, No. 129 Luoyu Road, Wuhan 430079, P.R. China

2School of Resource and Environmental Science, Xinjiang University, No. 14 Shengli Road, Wulumuqi 830046, P.R. China

*Corresponding author: Tel: +86 27 87152823; E-mail: 2010102050027@whu.edu.cn


Based on researching related literature information and considering the actual situation of Hanjiang river in Wuhan, this work took PSR model to construct the safety assessment of this district. We adopt expert consultation, AHP to determine weights and comprehensive index method to evaluate the safety status of water environment of Hanjiang river in Wuhan. The results show that the environmental safety of Hanjiang river in Wuhan is 0.572; the water environment is significantly lower than the national average in each subsystem, it is a vulnerable system to impact this region; Per capita food, engel coefficient of urban residents and percentage of river pollution, etc. are sensitive factor of Hanjiang river in Wuhan.


Hanjiang river, Wuhan, Water safety, PSR model, AHP.

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