Constituents of the Essential Oil from the Flower, Leaf and Stem of Salvia viridis L. Grown in Turkey

Nuran Yayli, Tayyibe B. Cansu, Nagihan Yilmaz, Ahmet Yasar, Muhammet M. Cetin† and Nurettin Yayli*

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Karadeniz Technical University, 61080 Trabzon, Turkey Fax: (90)(462)3253196; Tel: (90)(462)3772486; E-mail:

†Department of Chemistry, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 43210, USA.


The essential oil of Salvia viridis L. (Lamiaceae) was prepared by hydrodistillation of flower, leaf and stem and characterized by GC and GC-MS. A total of 53, 66 and 35 compounds were identified, constituting over 96.5, 96.4 and 88.5 % of oil composition of the flower, leaf and stem of S. viridis, respectively. Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons were shown to be the main group of constituents (in flower: 52.8 %, in leaf: 50.2 %, in stem: 48.7 %). The major components of the oils of S. viridis were β-pinene (leaf, 26.4 %), trans-muurola-4(14),5-diene (flower, 18.5 %) and germacrene D (stem, 16.0 %). Flower and leaf parts of the oils were rich in terpenoid constituents in the total ratio of 96.3 % in flower, 94.9 % in leaf and stem oil of S. viridis had less terpenoids (72.6 %).


Salvia viridis, Lamiaceae, Essential oil, GC-FID, GC-MS.

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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  2010 /
  •  22(5) /
  •  pp 3439-3446