Force Constants and Other Molecular Constants of OsO3F2 and XeO3F2

S. Gnanasekaran, S. Ranganayaki, P. Gnanasekaran and S. Sampath Krishnan
Department of Physics, College of Engineering, Anna University, Madras-600 025, India

The force constants, compliance constants and interaction coordinates are calculated from the vibrational spectral data for the two molecules, OsO3F2 and XeO3F2. The method of Isotani is applied in two different ways, one directly and another by coupling with high frequency separation technique. Other molecular constants like mean amplitudes of vibration and centrifugal distortion constants are also calculated. The values appear to be in good comparison with the literature values.


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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  1989 /
  •  1(2) /
  •  pp 173-177