Oxidation of Some Ortho-substituted Phenyl Methyl Sulphides with Quinolinium Fluorochromate in Acetonitrile Medium

Subbiah Meenakshisundaram* and V.sathiyendiran

Department of Chemistry, Annamalai University, Annamalai-608 002, India


The kinetics of oxidation of some ortho-substituted phenyl methyl sulphides with quinolinium fluorochromate (QFC) has been investigated in acetonitrile medium. Regression analysis was done with Taft’s linear free-energy polar-energy relationship and linear free-energy steric-energy relationship. Steric contribution to this reaction seems to be much less than the polar effect. Analysis of rate data with LD and LDS equations emphasizes that localized effect plays a predominate role in this oxidation.


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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  2000 /
  •  12(2) /
  •  pp 336-342