Characterization of (2+2) Macrocyclic Compounds of Co(II) and Ni(II) Derived from 2,6-Diacetyl Pyridine and Phenylene Diamines

R.N. Kumar*, N.M. Chauhan, A.K. Das and S.K. Singh

Department of Chemistry, Saharsa College, Saharsa-825 201, India


A number of complexes of the types [ML1]X2,  [ML2]X2  [M = Co(ll)
or Ni(II); X = Cl- Br-, NO3-, OAc- ; L1 = Bis(2,6-diacetylpyridine-1,3-
diamine) and L2 = Bis(2,6-diacetylpyridine-1,4-diamine)] have been
synthesised and characterised.


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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  2000 /
  •  12(2) /
  •  pp 428-432