2-Chloro-2'Hydroxy-4'-Ethoxychalcone Oxime as an Analytical Reagent for Copper(II)

J.J. Desai†, P.G. Desai† and A.G. Mehta

Department of Chemistry, P.T. Sarvajanik College of Science, Surat-395 001, India


2-Chloro-2'-hydroxy-4' -ethoxychalcone oxime (CHECOX) has
been prepared and used for the gravimetric and spectrophotometric
determination of copper(II) at pH 6.0-6.5. Job's method of continuous
variation and Yoe and Jones mole ratio method show metal-ligand
ratio in the complex to be 1 : 2. The molar absorptivity of
the complex at 400 nm is found to be 1.4912 X 104 L.
mole-1 cm-1 . The stability constant determined spectrophotometrically
is found to be 2.72 X 106 and Gibb's free energy change for
complex formation reaction is calculated to be 8.83 kcal/mole. The
Beer's law is obeyed upto 20 ppm of Cu(II) ion at 400 nm.


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  • Asian J. Chem. /
  •  2000 /
  •  12(2) /
  •  pp 399-402