Institutional Membership Program

Asian Publication Corporation is an Open Access publisher publishing peer-reviewed journals covering STM journals. When publishing in any of Asian Publication Corporation journals, authors retain the copyright of their article, which is freely distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, permitting the unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction of the article in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

In order to cover the costs of publication, Article Processing Charges are required for accepted manuscripts. These charges apply only to peer-reviewed contributions (e.g., research articles, review articles) while other contributions (e.g., editorials) are published free of charge.

Asian Publication Corporation offers two different types of Open Access Institutional Memberships to organizations that would like to enable their authors to publish their research in an Open Access journal without having to directly incur any Article Processing Charges

Annual Membership
Annual Membership is based on a flat rate payment that covers all accepted articles that have one or more authors from the member institute. The cost of the membership depends on the research output level of the institute. Asian Publication Corporation will provide a quotation upon request to any interested institute. By having this Annual Membership, organizations can enable their authors to publish in Asian Publication Corporation Open Access journals without having to administer and pay the Article Processing Charges from their individual research budget. The flat rate system enables the member institute to know their cost for the next 12 months regardless of the number of articles that may be submitted or accepted for publication. A new quotation for membership renewal about three months prior to the expiration of the current membership can be requested by the institute. Member institutions pay an annual fee, which grants all authors at the institution a 20% discount on the article processing charge (APC) when submitting to any APC published journal.

Benefits for institutions
  • Cost-effective Annual Membership fee
  • 20% discount on the article processing charge (APC)
  • Annual statements
  • An affordable way to help support your researchers with open access publishing

Prepaid Membership
Prepaid Membership is based on a prepayment from the institute that will be used to cover the Article Processing Charges of their researchers. Member institutes should deposit an initial amount of at least $2,500 (INR 50000) in order to begin their membership and they will receive an automatic discount of 10% for any publication charges that are paid from their account. Members of this program can add additional funds to their account at any point in time. Member institutes will get detailed information about each article that has been paid via their membership.

This is an advance payment system that allows institutions to deposit funds to cover the cost of Open Access publishing by their authors in any of APC open access journals. The article processing charge (minus your 10% discount) is deducted from the account balance on acceptance of the article.

Benefits for institutions
  • Institutions decide how much to pay upfront (USD 2500 (INR 50000) minimum)
  • 10% discount is applied to APCs
  • Yearly statements
  • Automatic reminders if/when an account top-up is required
  • Unused funds automatically roll over to following year
  • Authors pay nothing when they submit their manuscript
To discuss your requirements, please contact:

Mrs. Anjul Agarwal
Asian Publication Corporation
11/100, Rajendra Nagar, Sector-3, Sahibabad-201005 (India)
Tel: +91 120 4102551