Treatment of industrial wastewater using ultraviolet radiation in the presence of H2O2 is an effective, innovative, promising and safe method. In the present study, advanced oxidation process has been employed for the treatment of wastewater of dyes industries. The samples were collected from 5 dyes manufacturing units located in industrial area, Faisalabad, Pakistan and their water quality parameters such as pH, colour intensity and chemical oxygen demand were analyzed. Three modes of treatments H2O2, UV and accumulative effect of H2O2 and UV were employed on the wastewater. The results reveled that there was significant decrease of absorbance and COD after treatment. The removal of colour intensity and COD by UV treatment was significant while in case of H2O2 treatment the COD reduction was up to 30 % while the colour removal was up to 70 % by the addition of 10 mM of H2O2. By combining both UV and H2O2 treatments 95 % colour removal and 75 % COD reduction was achieved.